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This page is dedicated to my characters. You'll find photos, diary excerpts, quotes, trivia and other fun things about some of the characters in my novels. 

 Rogue's Gallery

Some Enchanted Dream

Riley  (Doc Riley)  Tara's Fey Brother

Riley is an ethereal, magical being. He's Tara's brother, a fairy doctor.  His presence brings soothing calm to his patients.  He mostly practices on humans as the fey are rarely sick.  Riley loves milk and honey.  He mostly lives on those two foods. He's the quiet brother, yet is wise in his craft. His gift is healing. He can touch people and discern what is wrong with them, find the right potion or herb to cure them, or if you're very fortunate, he may give you a few drops of his fey blood to cure you and give you a special bond with him that will last your lifetime. Riley is single. He's not sure if he likes human women. He was recently heartbroken when Artemisia, The Green Fairy rebuffed his attentions once he freed her from her prison. She flirted with him whilst trying to obtain his aid in gaining her freedom, but once free, she left him high and dry. Perhaps one day he will find a woman who will appreciate him for his charms.  Riley will be featured in his own book in the Enchantment series in the future. 

Reluctant Heroes, book 5

Michael Wentworth (Fletcher).  

For those who have followed the series, or read Dark Hero, you know Michael as a lad of fifteen.  He is Elizabeth  and Kieran O'Flaherty's younger half brother. He is a support character in Dark Hero and again in Bright Scoundrel as a lad of nineteen. Michael will have his own book as an adult hero. 

<< His cover model is ready to go. yummy, don't you think?  


Michael is the son of Captain William Fletcher, a despicable character. After learning the horrible things his father did to his two siblings, and that the man murdered their mother, Michael takes on his mother's family name of Wentworth to distance himself from his father's sins.

Michael has followed his dream to become an artist. Note the lovely kiss of the Tuscan sun on his face and arms. He'll also work as a spy for the British during the Peninsular War (1808-1814).  As a character, he has much darkness to overcome in his life, as he fears his father's violent temper and evil ways will one day manifest in him as well. He's vowed never to marry or have children, but we'll just see about that!  

A masked vigilante, a man who will do anything to protect his own . . . be it castle, country or woman.

I can't resist a Masked Hero!

Lord Adrian Dillon, aka Captain Midnight
Adrian Dillon is an Irish Viscount by day and a leader of the rebel group, the United Irishmen, by night. As an eighteenth century Irish aristocrat, he is a passionate man when it comes to freeing his country from British rule.  When he's boxed into a corner by his enemy, blackmailed into agreeing to marry the man's daughter or be exposed, Adrian concocts a fictional fiancee' from America to hold the man off. Little does he realize that fate and destiny are about to deliver her to his doorstep.

In Some Enchanted Waltz, Adrian rescues Tara from British soldiers in the night as Captain Midnight. He takes her to his castle, and convinces the poor waif with no memory that she's his betrothed. Tara can hardly resist his generous offer to become Lady Dillon,  could you? Its just a life as a countess, living in a castle with servants to provide your every need, and be wed to a handsome rogue to fuel your fantasies at night.

In Some Enchanted Dream, Adrian's dream lifestye has crash landed into a sobering realty. He's jumped through time 91 years into the future with his lovely bride, only to find his wealth is locked up in a bank account he cannot access, because technically, he should be dead. Adrian struggles to overcome his aristocratic airs in the poor district of Montmartre, north of  Paris. He has to learn to survive without his wealth. As a vigliante in his prior life, will he rise to the occasion again on the back streets of Montmartre when Tara challenges him to stop complaining and try to make a difference?

Some Enchanted Dream:  Giselle Tisante, Tara's Friend and Dan's lover

Giselle has had to take care of herself for most of her life. She's smart, and beautiful. In Paris of 1889, she is working as a dance hall girl in one of the gentleman's clubs, a place similar to the Moulin Rouge. Her chosen means of support puts her in low place socially, although she is never lacking for admirers at the club. She lives in an apartment in Montmartre and has a bleak outlook for her future. Once her looks go, and her ability to dance, she has few choices open to her aside from becoming some man's mistress or becoming a prostitute. Lucky for her, Tara and her family arrive in Montmartre and take the apartment just above hers. She befriends Tara by giving her clothes to wear in this new century and charms Dan Wilson with her sexy, Marilyn Monroe demeanor.  Will she become an old man's mistress? Or will she choose Dan Wilson, a man from the future who does not look down on her for her circumstances or her profession?

Dan Wilson, aka Daniel MacNeill

Chloe Ramirez, A Lady in Waiting . . .

Favorite Quote;  "Oh, that man has the soul of a poet!" 

Chloe Ramirez is Elizabeth's maid, friend and confidante in Dark Hero. Chloe's story will be featured in the third book of the Reluctant Heroes Series, Gallant Rogue. Chloe's grandmother was the Voodoo Priestess on the cane plantation, thus Chloe and Elizabeth share a magical heritage.  Chloe is half Spanish and sees herself as a lady, despite her lowly status as the love child of a slave and the overseer. She hopes one day to make the journey to meet her father's family in Cadiz. She is in love with Gareth, and finds succor in his arms. But Gareth is unable to step out of his role as a poor, dependent relation so their relationship is doomed to remain static, never changing or growing. Chloe wants more for herself and more from her man. 

Worst trait:  When Chloe is nervous, she talks too much and too fast, annoying those about her. 

Most admirable trait: She is determined not to allow her illegitimate birth and her mixed blood to prevent her from embracing life and becoming a true lady and marrying for love. 

Captain Jack Rawlings; aka Black Jack

 Support Character in Dark Hero, Book one of Reluctant Heroes, and Hero in Gallant Rogue, the third book in the series. 

Favorite Quote; "I don't give a damn what you think. I won't look the other way when a woman I care for is being subjected to intolerable cruelty!" 

Captain Rawlings is Donovan Beaumont's friend, ally and business associate. Jack met Donovan in the east, where they were rival pirates. They formed an alliance, becoming the masked marauders known as The Raven and Black Jack, and terrorized ships on the Indian Ocean.

Jack is a charmer, a lady's man who has formed a tendre for Elizabeth, Donovan's wife. When trouble is brewing between the couple, he is only too willing to step in and rescue the fair maiden from her would be dragon of a husband. Jack is gallant to a fault, thus he'll make a perfect hero for Chloe Ramirez in Gallant Rogue

Vice: Gambling. Since losing much of his wealth and even his ship to gambling debts, Jack has worked for Donovan as the captain of his merchant ship, The Pegasus.

Donovan Rourke Beaumont, aka Donovan O'Rourke

 Donovan is the Hero in Dark Hero.

Favorite Quote:  "Not the devil, one of his hirelings. I killed him and fed his body to the sharks. Sit Miss Ramirez." 

Donovan is a very complex man. Tortured for a crime he didn't commit in France has made him concoct elaborate disguises to keep people away. He's a doctor and a scientist. His main interests are anatomy studies and horse breeding. He dissects corpses to further understand the human body and the ravages of disease. Donovan's reputation is frightening as he has preserved the organs or skeletal remains of his enemies and has them on display in his laboratory.  He is well educated and adheres to the tenets of logic and reason as an enlightened thinker. He escaped France at the start of the revolution and spent time in the far east as a pirate before settling into life as a respectable cane planter in the West Indies. 

A few of his many disguises have been Jamal the Bonesetter. Captain Rodriguez of the Spanish Fleet, Mr. O'Rourke, Le Comte de Rochembeau and The Raven. 

Elizabeth O'Flaherty; Heroine in Dark Hero

Elizabeth O'Flaherty is eighteen years old when she meets her Dark Hero. She is the orphan of an Irish lord hanged for treason. After her mother's murder, her stepfather loses everything due to his gambling addiction, including their fancy townhouse in London. Exiled from the rich life she knew as a child, Elizabeth is forced to care for her senile old druid grandmother and her younger brother as they live hand to mouth in the English countryside. Donovan appears at their cottage one magic summer eve, thanks to a spell cast by Elizabeth's grandmother and he swoops in and changes all their lives, but for better or worse?  Sometimes Elizabeth isn't so sure, as he turns out to be quite a handful, as you can see in this image. Elizabeth has inherited magical abilities, but has spent her life denying her druid heritage. A near death experience ends all pretense of living a normal life when those pesky ghosts just won't leave her alone. 

Worst trait: Elizabeth lies, and lies quite convincingly as a means of survival. Growing up with an abusive, drunken stepfather and forced to hide his secrets will do that to a person.

Favorite pastime: Reading Gothic Romance Novels by Mrs. Radcliffe. 

Greatest fear: Being committed to a mad house. Her stepfather tried to dispose of her there as a child and she fears her new husband may do the same if he finds out she can talk to ghosts. 

Kieran O'Flaherty   Hero In Bright Scoundrel

  Kieran O'Flaherty was first featured in Dark Hero, as Elizabeth O'Flaherty's older brother.

In Bright Scoundrel, Book Two of Reluctant Heroes, Kieran has his own story. 

Kieran is the son of an Irish Lord who was hanged for treason. He is also the eldest grandson of an English earl, and thus will be inheriting a vast estate as well as a powerful title. As an ancestor of powerful Druids, Kieran has the gift of the seer and can speak with the dead. He has also become adept in the magical art, practicing the old religion as his grandmother taught him. 

Kieran is a ladies man. His natural charm and his magnetic smile make the women flock to him. He doesn't even have to pursue the fairer sex; they pursue him.  When Kieran's sexual exploits amid London Society bring scandal to the Wentworth name, he flees to Ireland to escape. He takes possession of Roisin Dubh Castle (Black Rose Castle), his ancestral home. He wants nothing more to do with London Society and the treacherous labyrinth of the Ton, and yet, as he settles into a new life in Western Ireland, he finds that no place is truly without hidden enemies.  

As Kieran's friend, George Sheridan says of Kieran, (George has given him the nickname 'Flair)

 "If you're going to sink into debauchery, at least do it with Flair!"

 Read an excerpt under First Peek Tab 

Rose de Lacy, Heroine of Bright Scoundrel

 Rose de Lacy is an Irish girl who lives in an old abbey near Roisin Dubh Castle in Ireland. Rose has had a season in Dublin when she was seventeen, but did not find any man she wished to be leg shackled to among the dashing beaus there. And leg shackled is an apt word for marriage, in her opinion.

At twenty-seven, she is a spinster by choice, and proud of it. She embraces the role as it gives her freedom to do as she wishes without having a man to answer to. 

Rose paints watercolors of the lovely Irish landscape and sells them to help support her family. She is also a proponent for women's rights, having memorized the famous arguments of Mary Wollstonecraft. 

With a cool head for business and very practical, Rose was left in charge of her brother's estate when he went off to war to fight the French. Her brother was killed in action, leaving Rose with the responsibility of keeping the Abbey solvent for his young son to inherit one day.  Rose is hard pressed to keep the estate from going under as her brother racked up a huge amount of debt before leaving for service in the navy. She has had to make some harsh decisions and tighten the purse strings of the household, to the resentment of some. 

When Baron Gray arrives, she fights the attraction, but that O'Flaherty charm--or is it O'Flaherty magic--makes it impossible to resist the handsome Irish Scoundrel returning to his ancestral home. 

Pearl,; Dark Hero & Bright Scoundrel

Support character in Dark Hero & Bright Scoundrel. Pearl is Donovan's Indian servant. He is a gentle soul who exudes an aura of tranquility and calm. After her near rape experience, Pearl is a comfort to Elizabeth as she journeys to her new home in Dark Hero. He also helped Donovan through dark times after his release from the Bastille, as Pearl's serene, peaceful spirit has a magical effect upon those about him.

Pearl is also in Bright Scoundrel as Donovan's envoy, guiding Kieran O'Flaherty as he adjusts to life as an English nobleman after living in the Caribbean. Rose De Lacy is not far off in thanking the 'Good People' or the fairy folk for sending Pearl to them as he is an enchanted being with rare insights and mystical powers that are well hidden in the guise of a humble servant. 

Vices: Pearl smokes hashish in a hookah, a habit that gets him on the bad side of Donovan from time to time as he forgets his duties. He is a dead aim with a knife, plays the sitar, and carves animals out of ivory and wood for the children in the series. Is he human or of the Indian Fairy Race?

Steve Walker, The Rock Star Next Door

  Steve Walker is a support chacter in The Rock Star Next Door. He is the heroine, Jessie's, best friend, confidante and partner in business. A serious sort, a bit of a Goth, with a dark sense of humor and fatalistic outlook, he is the best man for the job when things get seriously twisted for Jessie and Lex. Steve is quiet, intuitive, faithful, and the best friend a girl could have. When Jessie's twin brother, Jack, is stoned out of his mind on cocaine, unable to help her, Steve is always there, a constant friend in a crisis. Steve plays keyboards for Heartless, and writes the lyrics to the songs with Jessie. 

Steve might have been Jessie's true love in this life, except for one little detail, he's secretly gay. As he struggles to come out to his very 'masculine' Wisconsin born and raised bandmates, Jessie helps him to stand up for himself and believe in himself no matter what others think. 

Steve also helps Lex get Jessie back when Jessie turns stubborn. He is a lovable soul, very serene and attractive in his dark, brooding poetic beauty. 

 Worst Trait: Chain smoker extrodinare. 

 Favorite things: he loves Mexican food, the Santa Monica Pier, and the movie 'Dirty Dancing'. He's also a great dancer, and knows everything there is to know about Rock celebs from Elvis to Katie Perry as he devours Rock Star Biographies. 

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