Romancing History

Join Lily Silver in a Romantic waltz through History with unique stories of enduring love.

About Lily

I currently reside in the Great North Woods along the shores of Green Bay. My husband and I live in a lovely old Victorian Home with our three charming cats and our Maltese Pup. 

I went to college as a journalism major, then switched to an art major, but found I kept getting distracted by all those wonderful classes offered by the history department at UW Green Bay. I switched majors, graduating  with a B. A. in History and  a B.A. in Humanistic Studies with an emphasis in Ancient and Medieval Research. All my art classes didn't go to waste, as I also possess a minor in Art History. Despite all the research assignments for my history classes, I still love reading historical romances most of all! 


Aside from writing and historical research, I love Gothic art, literature, and architecture, cats, and photography. I play around with watercolor painting, mixed media collage art and photography when not writing or researching. 

My Pretty Puck

This is Puck, my 7 year old Tuxedo Cat when he was a kitten of 2 months old. He is named after Puck of Shakespeare legend, that mischievous Fairy Sprite who helps the Fairy King, Oberon, in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Puck also starred in my debut novel, Dark Hero, as Lizzie's cat.


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