Romancing History

Join Lily Silver in a Romantic waltz through History with unique stories of enduring love.

A List of Lily Silver's Books, for your convenience;
Reluctant Heroes Series
Book One: Dark Hero, A Gothic Romance published 4/2012
Book Two: Bright Scoundrel, published 1/2013
Book Three: Gallant Rogue; published 10/ 2014
Book Four:   Noble Assassin, release January 2016
Book Five:   Gentleman Spy *** scheduled release 2016 

Books related to the Reluctant Heroes Series:
Christmas at Ravencrest, published 12/2012
The Widow's Christmas Wish, published 12/2013
A Christmas Kiss, published 12/2013
**All three above are also available in Trilogy form: A Dark Hero Christmas Trilogy Published 12/2013

Seasons of Enchantment Time Travel Series;
Some Enchanted Waltz, A Time Travel Romance, published 6/2012
Some Enchanted Dream, A Time Travel Adventure Romance, 5/31/15

Jessie's Hero, Malibu & Moonlight Romance previously published 9/2012 as The Rock Star Next Door, A Modern Fairytale 

The Gypsy's Curse, A Gothic Tale of Romantic Suspense 11/16/14

What's next? 

Currently, I am working on the 5th book in the Reluctant Heroes Series: Gentleman Spy. 

This book features Michael Wentworth (Fletcher), younger sibling of Elizabeth and Kieran O'Flaherty. Michael is an artist, and a spy for the English. When on assignment in Italy, he encounters a lovely young woman who requires saving. Is he up to the impromptu assignment? His troubled past makes him swear off any serious relationship with a woman, but true love never follows the rules we set up in our lives, does it. 

Caterina has been betrothed to a man twice her age since she was a child. She's now leaving the safety of the convent for good, and dreads the fate her family has carved out for her without her consent. Will she be able to convince the handsome artist at her uncle's castle to help her escape a marriage of convenience?   

Stand Alone Romance Novels: 

Jessie's Hero, A Malibu & Moonlight Romance. 

(Previously published as The Rock Star Next Door. 

The moment he saw her, Lex recognizes Jessie. He knows they were lovers in a past life and their souls are destined for a reunion.  Set in Malibu, CA, this is Lily's only Contemporary Romance, to date. available on Amazon, iTunes, Nook, Kobo and in print. 

Gothic Romance!

Zara the gypsy is fleeing angry villagers. She takes refuge in an old abbey that is closed up. When the owner returns, will he be her salvation or her curse. Stephan St. John has one small problem; he's a werewolf. His family was cursed by a gypsy generations ago and only a gypsy can free him of the curse. Available on all digital platforms and in print. 

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