Romancing History

Join Lily Silver in a Romantic waltz through History with unique stories of enduring love.

Reluctant Heroes Series 
Bold Men, Independent Women . . . 
       Finding True Love was Never in Their Plans 

The Reluctant Heroes Series has different settings for each story. Why Reluctant Heroes you might ask? The answer is simple. These men are not looking for love, they crash into it unexpectedly. Donovan Beaumont lives on an isolated island estate as a recluse, yet love finds him when he least expects it. Kieran O'Flaherty is running away from scandal as a regency rake, and Captain Jack Rawlings is mourning the great love of his past. Ambrose Duchamp escaped France during the Terror, and feels he does not deserve love for the evil deeds he committed as the king's royal assassin. Michael Wentworth fears becoming his father and avoids the idea of marriage to protect women from the evil he feels dwells within him. 

The independent women in this series are not always looking for a man. Rose de Lacey vows to never marry because in this time the man has power over a woman, financial, legal, and physical power when they wed. Elizabeth O'Flaherty abhors marriage after witnessing the abuse her mother suffered at her stepfather's hands. Marriage to these two is like indentured servitude, only it is a lifelong sentence. Juliet Wallingford and Chloe O'Donovan want to escape their past, but in doing so come face to face with an unlikely hero who needs their love. 

My Reluctant Heroes series is going strong with book 4 in the works and book 5 planned. I have also a published a Christmas Series, A Dark Hero Christmas, featuring the Christmas romance stories of three women, a bride, a widow and a paid companion. Each story takes place directly after the events of Dark Hero, in December of 1798. See the series page for more details. 

In the future I am planning a duet about Elizabeth's daughter, Cherie, and her cousin, Angelica Rose (previously featured in Gallant Rogue) as they go on a grand tour of Europe in 1828, during the romantic era when the poet Byron was all the rage.  

Book One: Elizabeth O'Flaherty marries Donovan Beaumont. After the wedding, she's kidnapped, beaten and left for dead. She awakens on her husband's ship bound for the Indies. Just one problem, she can't remember him at all. Add to that her new abilities emerging that make it possible to see and speak to the dead. If her new husband believes she's mad, she may find herself dropped at the nearest madhouse. When she arrives at his isolated island estate, the house is full of ghosts, including one very malicious one seeking to harm her. This is a dark love story in the Gothic tradition with plenty of ghosts, a brooding, troubled hero and an uncertain young woman trying to make her way in this new place.  

Book Two; After the scandal attached to his name in London, Kieran O'Flaherty seeks refuge in his ancestral home in Ireland. There he meets the spirited Rose de Lacey, a woman determined to make her own way in the world. She's also become the estate manager, through a little mischief, and fears she'll be sacked by the handsome rake. Kieran is a druid sorcerer, and only magic will free his home from a menacing evil. On this journey to Ireland, Kieran will encounter many magical beings of myth and legend. Can he set his people free from oppression and Evil? And will he seduce the spinster Rose and bring her into his bed? 

Book Three: Widow Chloe O'Donovan is determined to escape her past at Ravencrest Plantation and start anew in Spain with her father's relations. She needs and escort to take her  safely across the sea to her uncle's home. Captain Jack Rawlings is just the man for the task. He's willing to do whatever it takes to protect Chloe O'Donovan from harm, but he's not so sure he can protect her from his deep longing. Desire calls, and the obstacles of their past attraction are gone. But, the last thing Chloe wants is to become entangled in another affair of the heart, as it will restrict her chances to forge a new life in a new land. 

Book Four: Ambrose Duchamp escaped Paris at the start of the Revolution. His past life as a royal assassin has been his dark secret to carry.  The memories of his brutal actions are a continual curse. He doesn't believe he deserves love. His friend warns him that Aphrodite will find him no matter where he's hiding, when he least expects it.  When Juliet Wallingford comes to him asking for protection against an evil enemy closing in on her, he struggles against his desire for her as he attempts to redeem himself for the evil in his dark past. 

Book Five: Michael Wentworth (Fletcher) changed his name to avoid any association with his wicked father. He lives in the shadow of shame and fears his father's cruelty will one day claim his soul. His temper flares are evidence enough that he's come from a bad seed, and he vows never to marry in the hope of never becoming his father. 

During his mission as a spy for the British government, he encounters a woman in distress and cannot avoid Cupid's arrow when he attempts to save her.  This book is not yet written but is in the works for 2016

Cherie Beaumont will take Europe by storm one day soon when she goes on a Grand Tour with her cousin, Angelica Rose O'Flaherty.  These two girls were featured in Gallant Rogue as children, but of course these darlings have to have their own stories of love!  Cherie will be a bit demanding and strong willed, like her father, Donovan Beaumont. Angelica Rose will be the quiet, shy flower who needs encouragement to come out, as she's lived with a speech impediment for all of her life. 

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