Romancing History

Join Lily Silver in a Romantic waltz through History with unique stories of enduring love.

Seasons of Enchantment Time Travel Romance Series
     Follow Lord and Lady Dillon through Time! 

First Stop: Glengarriff, Ireland 1798

Modern DJ Tara O'Neill is thrust back in time to 18th century Ireland after she reboots the transmitter at the radio station during a storm. 

A masked vigilante rescues her from British soldiers and takes her to his castle for protection. Tara's memory was affected during the time jump, she cannot remember where she belongs in time. Viscount Adrian Dillon, aka Captain Midnight, convinces her that she is his fiancee' from America. She weds him but learns he leads a double life, one that could make her a widow. Can Tara remember the events of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 and prevent her lover from dying for a cause destined to fail?  

Stop Two: Paris 1889

After escaping arrest in Dublin through a time Jump, Tara and Adrian arrive in Paris of 1889. The World's Fair is in full swing and the newly completed Eiffel Tower is the centerpiece for this gala event. The newlyweds are at odds with one another. Adrian must adjust to life without money as his funds are frozen in a bank account he cannot access because it's 90 years in the future and Viscount Dillon should be dead. Tara is coming into her own powers as a fairy, and under the instruction of her brother, Mick Gilamuir, will learn to survive among mortals. 

Beneath the celebration of the fair, a storm awaits. Tara, Adrian and her fey brothers must stop a malicious evil from enslaving mankind. 

Book Three, projected release early 2016

Third stop:  Elizabethan England

Tara and Adrian will visit Elizabethan England in a time jump gone wrong. They meant to go on a honeymoon in Renaissance Europe, but somehow Shakespeare interfered with their plans in Some Enchanted Folly

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